Our road to solving complex issues

“Elegant solutions for complex issues” are not the result of standard project approaches!

Systematically analyzing successes and failures, in both strategy and implementation, understanding the underlying patterns, studying triggers and levers, we have developed our own approach to create value to our clients through well-anchored sustainable solutions.

Understanding the two clients

At mas advisory we always consider two clients: our own client and our client’s client – the end-client. Effectivity starts here.

Every sustainable business model depends on the readiness of the end-client to value and to buy a product. His perspective is the reality of business. While this is generally valid, many changes in customer behavior are occurring driven by digitalization, by cultural and social changes. Therefore, an extrapolation of the past would be hazardous. Then again, banking on megatrends only, ignoring existing values and patterns would be highly risky. Using different techniques such as Delphy Studies, joint Product Design and Backwards Engineering, we make sure to have a solid understanding of the end-clients position.

Profoundly understanding our own client is equally crucial, as the practicability of an apparently great solution may be incompatible with the company’s DNA, or the business model is not suitable for a given product or service. Another classical and omni-present pitfall is the inside-out perspective that ignores the outside reality. As sparring partners, we make sure all these topics, and more are carefully challenged and addressed at the very beginning.

Organizing the construction site

Investing time at the initial stage, is time and money saved overall !

A well-though-out project organization is another important brick of effectivity. It starts with a careful analysis and early involvement of the different stakeholders, both external and internal – a crucial component of a successful change management. Project communication is commonly neglected and underestimated at the risk of back-firing.

The configuration of the project team deserves a special attention: Securing the right blend of professional skills, regardless of where they come from, is one thing; the other, is making sure that the team members are socially competent and that they are aligned with the project approach.

As far as the project sponsors are concerned, it is important to make sure that they are truly empowered to agree on precise goals and delivery items, on a realistic timeframe, on the milestones and checkpoints, on the decision process and to secure their reasonable involvement: good decisions require an adequate subject matter understanding.

In our experience all these important aspects are far from being a given!

Take the bull by the horns

It takes courage to call a spade a spade – we do it for the sake of effectivity.

Often, it’s difficult to face the uncomfortable reality at the risk of raising the question of responsibility. However, postponing the honest debate on problem areas will only worsen the situation. The result of not addressing these areas can have fatal effects on the company, such as missing a fundamental paradigm shift and being squeezed out of the market. This has been proven often enough in the context of digitalization.

Naming the problems at the very start, is a liberating move that enables the people involved to set a new common baseline from where to work together towards a new solution. It also saves a lot of valuable time, a factor that is often forgotten in the process, leaving the doors open for the competition to step in.

As external consultants it is not only our role, it also our duty to put in evidence these risk areas often circumnavigated, both from the market and internal side.

Handle with care

Valuing existing assets before changing course

While we advocate taking the bull by the horns in the phase of situation analysis, when it comes to the solution design and implementation, it is important to carefully assess and understand the existing assets an organization possesses and that have probably been part of their success so far.

An elegant solution cannot be a foreign body to an organization, but rather a wise combination of the existing assets and values with the new ones. Too often valuable assets are destroyed provoking an involuntary disruption and leaving behind clients and employees.

It requires humility towards the past and respect towards the future even when making bold moves.

Skin in the game

Alignment of interest for joint success

Being passionate about our work and caring for our reputation, it is natural to us to walk our talk and put our skin in the game: our client’s success, is our success and vice-versa.

At mas advisory, we believe that solving complex issues requires, apart from expertise and experience, a well aligned team of client and consultant working seamlessly together until the goal is achieved.

As each project is different, we are pleased to accommodate our clients with bespoke compensation formulas, balancing effort, risk and reward and considering the client’s budget.

Therefore, depending on the situation, we can combine classical fee compensation with success fees or equity share compensations. Having met all our success-based compensation so far, we are confident that we can manage yours.