Philipp Richner


Philipp Richner is an associated partner of mas and managing director of Richner Consulting GmbH, where he is involved in several Blockchain projects. He is also a partner of Blockchain Innovation Group AG, a Blockchain hub that brings together industry experts to help companies leverage the full potential of the technology.

At mas Philipp participates in strategic financial projects, digital transformation and new technologies such as DLT or Blockchain. Furthermore, he is working on creating new business models and advising on questions about the future of financial intermediaries.

Philipp’s background is in the financial and start-up industry. During his time at Neue Aargauer Bank, he received a BSc in Business Administration and after that an MSc in Banking and Finance from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He later joined Lykke Corp, a Swiss Crypto-Exchange, where he acted as Global Financial Controller and was responsible for the finance department of the start-up before he founded Richner Consulting GmbH in 2021.

Philipp is a Swiss citizen.

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